Torre Medieval

Be part of this History.

Janela Manuelina - Torre Medieval - Alojamento Local
D. Duarte I, King of Portugal - Torre Medieval - Guest House


The Tower House
from D. Duarte’ street

The Tower House from D. Duarte’ street

National heritage from the 16th century, it is an exceptional example of medieval housing architecture that deserves to be admired and appreciated.
The Torre Medieval Local Accommodation offers the opportunity to enjoy in comfort the centuries-old beauty of this historic building in the heart of the city of Viseu.

Living Viseu

The richness of Portugal's inland

Praça de D. Duarte - Torre Medieval - Guest House

A city filled with rich historical events and landmarks, left by our antecessors. The doors of the city are opened to share History with all its visitors.

Viseu Dão - Torre Medieval - Guest House

The incomparable Dão wine, with its ample minerality and aromatic richness, can be served with succulent Vitela de Lafões (veal) or the delicious Pastel de Vouzela (pastry).

Viseu Nature - Torre Medieval - Guest House

Whether on foot or by bicycle on the Dão eco-track, the Viseu region enchants with its natural beauty.