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D. Duarte was a modern thinker, a man of culture, dedicated to the arts.

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D. Duarte I, the Eloquent. Named after his exceptional interest in culture and knowledge.

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During the short reign of D.Duarte, the portuguese conquests and maritime exploration continued.

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It is dressed as a knight that the statue of D. Duarte is presented in the monument erected in his honor, in Praça D. Duarte, in Viseu.

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The work “Leal Conselheiro” by D. Duarte proves his wisdom and demonstrates his vast knowledge.

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D. Duarte was responsible for a large number of national legislative monuments.

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With his thoughts described in works such as “Leal Conselheiro” and “Arte de Bem Cavalgar Toda a Sela”, D. Duarte was recognized as a philosopher monarch.

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Righteous (Legislator + Philosopher)

D. Duarte was a monarch concerned with generating consensus throughout his short five-year reign.

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